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SOLS: 2013:22 Noticed at the Farnsworth Art Museum

Side by side students were standing next to each other engaging in quiet but enthusiatic conversation. Pencils were recording thoughts on a think sheet clipped to a clipboard. I leaned in to listen. Each pair were discussing their observations…their noticings … Continue reading

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SOLS:2013:4 Thrill Ride Battle Wound

Time: August 1960 Place: Coney Island, Ohio Peeking through my bangs in my first grade school picture is a bandage that doesn’t look like it’s hiding any serious injury. But behind the bandage is a battle wound. Before school began I had … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:3 Souvenirs

Stacks of books teetered on the floor. Stacks that needed to be organized. A weekend with no plans. I set the goal to get rid of the several stacks piled on the floor. That would mean dedicated focus on my … Continue reading

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SOLS:1:2013 Waves Along the Shore

Some words that came out of my mouth today …”sometimes relationships with others is like a wave on the seashore…there is an ebb and flow.” Close and not feeling as close. Ever changing. Sometimes thunderous crashing and churning with words … Continue reading

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Story Eavesdropping

Offer made. Offer accepted. One inspection down. Still some hurdles to jump but I believe animal lover daughter has a house. After imagining life in a house with a lamp-post, nearby bookstore and bakery, disappointment came knocking via government red tape. The … Continue reading

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The Real Splat the Cat

You only know about three of the four-legged pets at our house presently. Not only does our house have a revolving door for our children but now the door also revolves for animals. Sarah’s revolving door spins a lot.  I don’t even want to know the … Continue reading

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