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SOLS: 2013:20 Childhood In a Museum

Time: 1960s Place: Indianapolis, Indiana Jolly white-bearded man in a red velvet suit and black boots holds two wide-eyed children on his lap as they lean and whisper their Christmas lists to his ear.  A photograph is snapped of the … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:19 The Rest of the Story – Territorial Wolves

Time: Summer 1975 Place: Living Waters Camp   Cassopolis, Michigan Stories have layers. There is always another layer to peel back. Stories within a story.  Two or even more sides of a story. Paul Harvey made “The Rest of the … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:14 Soles of Running

My running shoes have logged one year and one month on their soles since I began running last February. I’m not even sure if it fair to call my shoes running shoes. Jogging shoes or fast walking shoes or just … Continue reading

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SOLS 2013:13 Story Treasure Box

One of the reasons I LOVE going to conferences is meeting authors of the books I have loved and shared over the years. Guilt sometimes washes over me as I think there might be some that think I should attend … Continue reading

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SOLS 2013:11The Hunt of the Wolf

Guest Blogger: Blog-stalking Husband, Steve The story of the Howl of Love is absolutely accurate and I must admit tears came to my eyes as I was transcended to those early times. I admit I do stalk my wife’s blog but I … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:10 The Howl of Love

Time: Summer 1975 Place: Cassopolis, Michigan Dedicated: To my blog stalking husband. My destination was Living Waters Camp located outside Cassopolis, Michigan to spend the summer as a lifeguard, swim instructor and camp counselor. Only my student teaching experience and a … Continue reading

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SOLS:1:2013 Waves Along the Shore

Some words that came out of my mouth today …”sometimes relationships with others is like a wave on the seashore…there is an ebb and flow.” Close and not feeling as close. Ever changing. Sometimes thunderous crashing and churning with words … Continue reading

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