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SOLS: 2013:3 Souvenirs

Stacks of books teetered on the floor. Stacks that needed to be organized. A weekend with no plans. I set the goal to get rid of the several stacks piled on the floor. That would mean dedicated focus on my … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.22 The Power of A Bike

My childhood home sat on top of a small hill…not even sure if you could call it a hill. At the bottom of the hill ran a small creek that ran through the neighborhood. That creek brought many hours of … Continue reading

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Changing the World Story by Story

My usual mode of gathering global and local news is on the internet in the morning. ┬áLate Friday night found me on the couch in a vegetative state. Didn’t even want to make the short trek to bed so I … Continue reading

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