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SOLS: 2013:18 Angel Wings

Text on my phone from my daughter on Saturday: I’m sorry I said that Texas Road House was better than your butterhorns.  My response as I’m confused about the text: What are you saying? My butterhorns are better?  Daughter: That … Continue reading

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SOLS 2013:13 Story Treasure Box

One of the reasons I LOVE going to conferences is meeting authors of the books I have loved and shared over the years. Guilt sometimes washes over me as I think there might be some that think I should attend … Continue reading

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SOLS 2013:11The Hunt of the Wolf

Guest Blogger: Blog-stalking Husband, Steve The story of the Howl of Love is absolutely accurate and I must admit tears came to my eyes as I was transcended to those early times. I admit I do stalk my wife’s blog but I … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:9 Yes, It Was Bright Orange

Time: 1957 – 1975 Place: 9401 Kerwood Drive and 226th Street As far as decor I have nostaglic leanings. I’m drawn to decorating in rustic and primitive styles.  Was my decorating taste influenced by all those books I read as … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

It all began with Phyllis. Phyllis transferred to our building because her husband was named principal at the school she was working at. She joined our grade three team. She introduced us and our third grade students to one of her … Continue reading

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Story Eavesdropping

Offer made. Offer accepted. One inspection down. Still some hurdles to jump but I believe animal lover daughter has a house. After imagining life in a house with a lamp-post, nearby bookstore and bakery, disappointment came knocking via government red tape. The … Continue reading

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In A Reader’s Skin

Fascination with cake decorating has been brewing this past winter. Discovery of cake and cupcake decorating shows have found their way in my television viewing. As I entered the local hobby store I noticed a flyer announcing cake decorating classes. On a … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love Runs Deep

I was away from home. Animal lover, Sarah,  was on the other end of the phone line. “Mom, can I ask you a question?” My heart begins to beat a little faster. The heart always speeds up when one asks to ask a … Continue reading

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Waiting Stories

Nestled on a quiet hill                               Stands rows of aged gray Guarding unheard stories Day after day after day. I only only heard bits and pieces of stories from my family so  I find myself hungry for stories of my relatives. During the … Continue reading

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Dogs and Dogs and More Dogs

This will be a little lengthy but you will need this schema for future posts. My oldest daughter along with her son, our only grandson, moved to St. Louis after living with us or within a few miles for Christian’s … Continue reading

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