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SOLS: 2013:22 Noticed at the Farnsworth Art Museum

Side by side students were standing next to each other engaging in quiet but enthusiatic conversation. Pencils were recording thoughts on a think sheet clipped to a clipboard. I leaned in to listen. Each pair were discussing their observations…their noticings … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:5 Winter Dance

There has been a heavy sprinkling of comments and picture postings on social networks about the snow storm moving through our area. These postings are from disappointed and depressed people that are tired of winter. Beautiful pictures of sailboats against … Continue reading

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SOLS:2013:4 Thrill Ride Battle Wound

Time: August 1960 Place: Coney Island, Ohio Peeking through my bangs in my first grade school picture is a bandage that doesn’t look like it’s hiding any serious injury. But behind the bandage is a battle wound. Before school began I had … Continue reading

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SOLS: 2013:3 Souvenirs

Stacks of books teetered on the floor. Stacks that needed to be organized. A weekend with no plans. I set the goal to get rid of the several stacks piled on the floor. That would mean dedicated focus on my … Continue reading

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