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SOLS: 2013:21 Quiet

Susan Cain has a New York Times Bestseller on her hands: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It has been a fascinating read journey and I still have a ways to go.  As soon … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.31 Speaking Suitcase

First day of Spring Break is finally here. My husband and I just completed the first leg of this year’s travel experience. As I rummage through my suitcase to find something to wear today, I’m thinking, “What was I thinking?” … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.30 Not A Dog Walk

Again I’m sharing another entry in my writing notebook collection of  interesting observations and conversations that someday will be weaved into a book. I was waiting in the car as my husband walked up to the ticket office located on Lake Meade. We … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.29 Recent Notebook Collections

I’m thinking about my post yesterday about Johanna Hurwitz’s writing tip of keeping a notebook of ordinary conversations and observations that you feel are interesting. You never know when you can weave it into a story just as Johanna did. … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.28 Notebook or Anything to Write On Collections

Elkhart County brought the best to their Young Authors’ Conference when my children were in elementary school. It was always held on a Saturday and parents attended with their children. The young authors would share their books and stories they … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.22 The Power of A Bike

My childhood home sat on top of a small hill…not even sure if you could call it a hill. At the bottom of the hill ran a small creek that ran through the neighborhood. That creek brought many hours of … Continue reading

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SOLS:2012.11 A Rustling Plastic Bag Equals Heart Stopping Fear

It is late. The house is quiet. Even the little creaks and moans of the house are quiet tonight. The wind is not rattling the windows…even gently. Dog is downstairs asleep in her porter. Husband is downstairs asleep in bed. … Continue reading

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Ocean Lullaby

Rocked to sleep by gentle Caribbean ocean waves. Rays of sun and star light dancing on a palette of blues and greens…azure, turquoise, cerulean, ultramarine, jade, teal, and emerald.  Sounds of waves lapping against each other. I don’t know what took my husband and I so long to book a cruise. … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

It all began with Phyllis. Phyllis transferred to our building because her husband was named principal at the school she was working at. She joined our grade three team. She introduced us and our third grade students to one of her … Continue reading

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Story Eavesdropping

Offer made. Offer accepted. One inspection down. Still some hurdles to jump but I believe animal lover daughter has a house. After imagining life in a house with a lamp-post, nearby bookstore and bakery, disappointment came knocking via government red tape. The … Continue reading

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