A Book a Day

I’m also keeping a log on Shelfari .

January 30, 2011

I’m going to just log my books in groups and not worry about the date. It’s too much to log here and at Shelfari. Happy Reading!

January 18, 2011

28. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

29. Madeline and the Cats of Rome by John Bemelmans Marciano

January 14, 2011

27. Imagine a Night by Sarah Thomson

January 13, 2011

26. The Foolish Tortoise by Richard Buckley

January 12, 2011

25. Mary Engelbreit’s A Little Merry Christmas: Celebrate A to Z by Mary   Engelbreit

January 11, 2011

24. At the Edge

January 10, 2011

23. The Story of Paper by Ying Ghang Compestine

January 9, 2011

22. Junk Yard Wonders by Patricia Polacco

January 6, 2011

21. Saving Zasha

January 5, 2011

20. Birmingham Sunday

January 4, 2011

16. House Rules by Jodi Picoult

17. 13 Words by Lemony Snicket

18. All the World by Elizabeth Scanlon

19. Ten Unusual Features of Lulu McDunn by Kelly Pulley

January 3, 2011

14. The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

15. Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal   by  Vaundra Nelson

January 2, 2011

13. My Sister’s Wedding: A Story of Kenya by Waithira Mbuthia

January 1, 2011

Visitation to Barnes and Noble in Indianapolis today. I spent a luxurious hour or two browsing and reading picture books. You’ll be able to infer which display tables I went to.

1. The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck

2. Humphrey’s First Christmas by Carol Heyer

3. It’s Christmas, David by David Shannon

4. The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup

5. Day is Done by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary)

Melissa Sweet’s beautiful illustrations enhance this picture book and a CD is include

6. Jungle Bullies by Steven Kroll

7. Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully by Audrey Penn

8. The Bully Blockers Club by Teresa Bateman

9. Bullies Never Win by Margery Cuyler

10. Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully by Julianne Moore

11. Lucy and the Bully by Claire Alexander

12. First Dog’s White House Christmas by J. Patrick Lewis and Beth Zappitello

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