SOLS: 2013:16 Weather Greetings

sols_6Indiana weather is a mystery. When you open the door in the morning you just are not sure what season will greet you. I think it has always been this way in the Hoosier state although as a child I remember seasons being more defined.  Daily weather checking is usually not on my daily agenda but I have this lingering memory of last spring. Last March Indiana brought us summer weather early. We went from winter to summer with only a few days of spring. Sweet spring was missed but the arrival of summer made one forget. So the first order of the day after getting my feet on the floor was checking the seven day forecast. I have this hope of a repeat of last year with a tinge of more spring. UGH! The expected highs are not close to the normal 47 degrees for this time of year. Appears it will be wet and gray and cold. Disappointment. But on the horizon is Spring Break and hopefully it will be warm and sunny where we will be going. We northerns so do depend on it.

There are countless great books about the weather. Our older readers have been engaged in the Storm Runners series by Roland Smith. There are several great engaging NF weather books. Check out Gail Gibbons besides the few titles listed here.

storm runners Pink Snow on-the-same-day-in-march

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7 Responses to SOLS: 2013:16 Weather Greetings

  1. Tam says:

    What is with Spring? I know about the checking part. They change it and it usually is for the worse. Hope you do have sun and plenty of it where you’re going!

  2. jodimahoney says:

    It’s amazing how the weather can change your plans for the day, change our moods or inspire us to do something we hadn’t planned.

  3. Ruth Ayres says:

    Ahhh…but Hoosier weather will not be a concern for us by the end of the week! I. Am. So. Excited!

  4. Dina says:

    I like the weather here and always have. I like days like today…coffee, a book, and my magic blanket.

  5. jhaworthoy says:

    I spent my first 13 years as a Hoosier and now I live in Ohio….our weather is just like yours. I hope to have a nice spring with cooler summer….but not counting on it. Today is rainy and gloomy…so a perfect day for soup and a book. Enjoy! Jackie

  6. elsie says:

    Missouri is temperamental too. Fortunately my area of the state escaped the last two storms. Spring has been a fleeting season and it is one we want to linger.

  7. Weather – We live by its whim. Friday was clear and warm 63 degrees. Yesterday the sky was blue and windy. The cold windy day that portended change to come. This morning there was a thin sprinkling of snow on the ground. And that’s Montana in the spring.

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