SOLS: 2013:14 Soles of Running


My running shoes have logged one year and one month on their soles since I began running last February. I’m not even sure if it fair to call my shoes running shoes. Jogging shoes or fast walking shoes or just getting one step forward shoes might be more appropriate names. And fast is not a word I would use to describe my “running”. Barely moving might be a more accurate choice. “Why is that girl sucking air? Why is she so sweaty? Her feet are barely moving. Is the belt even moving? I hear the slap, slap, slap of her shoes hitting the belt.” These thoughts are the ones I imagine are probably running around in the heads of RUNNERS on treadmills on either side of mine.  

We have assessments that help teachers identify reading levels, comprehension, and fluency.  I need the same kind of assessments for my running. I need levels. I need a running chart. I need criteria. Maybe this why I feel uncomfortable when someone asks me if I am a runner. “Well, I go out 3 times a week to run. I enter 5Ks.” BUT I don’t feel like I’m a runner yet. In my mind I have a picture of all those runners I observe that makes running look effortless. Some of them look like Greek gods with golden wings coming off their feet. Here’s start on the chart. I have no idea what speed should beside each one. 

  • Upright
  • Meanderer
  • Stroller
  • Walker
  • Fast Walker
  • Jogger
  • Runner

Yep, my “run” last night was not easy. Yep, I’m whining. I thought it would be easier after a year. It is still SO hard. Wondering if these same thoughts go through some of our readers and writers…

Pete the Cat

Content is rich enough even for adults.

Content is rich enough even for adults.

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10 Responses to SOLS: 2013:14 Soles of Running

  1. Tam says:

    Question: Does Upright mean you are standing to get ready to run? I’m upright then. I meander, too. I did not know all these things make one a runner!!! Want to see the finished chart. Good for you that you’re continuing in your running.

    • Deb Gaby says:

      Maureen, Those students are the reason I began running. I’ll have to blog about it. The short story is that I wanted to do something I didn’t want to do, would be hard so I would know what it felt like. I didn’t really ever struggle as a reader. Some as a writer. Thanks for you comments!

    • Deb Gaby says:

      Tam, See we need a chart that tells us what level of running we are at. : ) You are on your way to be a runner!

  2. What a wonderful reflection, to compare a child’s learning to read to your learning to run…we need to put ourselves in our students’ shoes, and you most certainly have. What an accomplishment to have been running for more than a year! Love your categories of runners.

  3. BOYBLUE says:

    dont be so hard on yourself mom!

  4. elsie says:

    You are a running goddess because you move, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is so hard to hit the pavement. I will stick to walking, at least it’s moving.

  5. Shelley K says:

    Oh, so true! I love the fact that you became a runner to help yourself become a better teacher. I love the humor and great description throughout your post! And…I DO think you will begin to ENJOY running one day! 🙂

  6. Ruth Ayres says:

    I think running even when you don’t want to is more of a definition of a “runner” than speed will ever be.

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