SOLS: 2013:8 Leave Your Worries At The Door

sols_6Brightly colored paper chains adorn each doorway of the awesome fourth grade team at Milford School. The swag of chains provide a splash of spring against a backdrop of our recent snowstorm.

It is March. It is the first week of standardized testing in Indiana. ISTEP. Hearts of teachers and students beat a little more anxiously during testing weeks. Teachers have taught well. They have built mathematical, reading, and writing confidence. Students have learned well. But anxiety is still there. It is the unknown. It is the state’s “security measures.” It is the test. Remedy: Leave your worries at the door of the classroom. Students write their worries and anxieties on paper and make paper chains, stress chains. Students walk under the stress chains and are reminded that each of their worries are left behind at the door.

Here are some of the worries from fourth graders left at the door:

Will I get a bad grade?

I’m scared I won’t enough time.

Will I know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide?

I’m nervous I won’t pass.

What if I my eraser runs out and I can’t erase?

I’m scared I’ll forget something.

I’m afraid I won’t come up any ideas for writing.

I’m nervous about reading because I read too fast.

I’ll forget everything.

I might get a wrong answer.

I’m nervous about failing the test.

Pretty big worries for nine and ten year olds. A good lesson for all us and our baggage of  worries…leave them at the door.

Favorite Picture Books About Worrying100th day worrieswemberly


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5 Responses to SOLS: 2013:8 Leave Your Worries At The Door

  1. Wilcox Carol says:

    I love the idea of leaving your worries at the door! We start testing on Tuesday. We are making one of these chains on Monday!

  2. I LOVE this idea. I don’t think 8th graders are too old to have a chain of worries to leave behind as they enter. I am sure many of their anxieties would be the same as the 4th graders, in fact. I love this line: Hearts of teachers and students beat a little more anxiously during testing weeks.

  3. mrssurridge says:

    I wish soap could wash away the worries of those tests the way it washes away recess basketball dirt.

  4. Ramona says:

    Years ago I commented to someone that I needed a worry hug, but she thought I said worry hook! And ever since then I’ve had this wonderful image of a hook where I can hang my worries. Maybe we all need worry hooks outside our classroom doors.

  5. Tam says:

    Worry chains like worry beads–love the tangible idea of leaving all this behind when you enter a room. Maybe I should make some chains around my bedroom door, so when I go to bed, I will sleep better through the night! I will look into these books. I sometimes wonder how much my grandkids worry about things.

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