SOLS: 2013:5 Winter Dance

sols_6There has been a heavy sprinkling of comments and picture postings on social networks about the snow storm moving through our area. These postings are from disappointed and depressed people that are tired of winter. Beautiful pictures of sailboats against a summer sky with the words, “I Miss Summer” and “Come Sail Away” are filling my FB page. There was even a cursing of Phil the groundhog. By this time of the year I, too,  am weary of gray skies, cold and bare trees. Winter is not my favorite season but one of the things that keeps me sane through the winter is SNOW. Snow makes the world new. White and bright. I’m hungry for spring but I love the falling swirling flakes and the possibility of a school delay or even a cancellation. I smile at the possibility of a delay tomorrow as I look out the window and watch the winter dance. Yet knowing…spring is just around the corner.

Winter is dancing around,

Trees bow down to waltzing partners

adorned with snowflake dresses.

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

Who else but Cynthia Rylant can describe snow and all the things one can do on a snowy day? I can see writers using this book as a model for making lists in their writing notebooks. It would also be a great mentor text for writing descriptions in Writing Workshop and making connections in Reading Workshop.

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7 Responses to SOLS: 2013:5 Winter Dance

  1. elsie says:

    Enjoy the snow (if it comes) and I will enjoy the lack of snow in my world. I’m ready for the warm winds of spring to blow through and the plants to come alive with color.
    Love that book!

  2. That Cynthia Rylant has charmed me so many times. It gives me joy to hear her quoted here. Snow is not part of my winter experience here in Southern California. So I get to be in love with snow without any of the responsibility or bother.

  3. It never occurred to me that a love of winter and a love of snow don’t have to go hand in hand. I always thought that because I LOVE snow, I automatically love winter. Hmm. Perhaps summer could be my favorite season, but snow could be my favorite weather.

  4. I have always loved the snow and I don’t even ski. It makes the world look clean and pure. And you will notice in the summer, when it gets hot and humid…that Facebook will be full of people wanting winter. Ah…can we never be satisfied! Thanks for the blog.

  5. Here in Chicago we’ve had a fairly mild winter until the past three weeks. We seem to get a snowstorm every Tuesday now, but today was the first snowday we’ve had. Love this post….

  6. Rebecca Nguyen says:

    OOO! I must have that BOOK! I’m so glad you shared it.

  7. Tam says:

    I know what you mean. It was a beautiful sight yesterday. It added to the coziness of home. This morning–all I can say is, “That’s a lot snow,” thinking of the clean-up. Now for that hearty breakfast and “playing” with the snow. I’ve looked at that book. I think I will get it, too.

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