SOLS:2012.30 Not A Dog Walk

Again I’m sharing another entry in my writing notebook collection of  interesting observations and conversations that someday will be weaved into a book.

I was waiting in the car as my husband walked up to the ticket office located on Lake Meade. We were looking forward to ride a tour boat around the lake and learn the history behind Hoover Dam. My eyes followed Steve as he walked across the pier to the ticket office and I noticed a young man dressed in denim jeans and a white muscle shirt leaning against a fence. He was holding a brown paper bag and was decorated with tatoos. Was that a tatoo bracelet on his arm? Squinting my eyes I stared hard to figure out what was on his arm. I wasn’t sure. Then a young lady and six year old looking girl came out of the ticket office and walked towards him. They greeted each other.  Oh, they are a family.  The man then unwrapped his “tatoo bracelet” which I now see is a SNAKE! Eww! His next move surprised me. He handed the snake to the six year old girl who wrapped it around her arm and off they walked…a happy family chatting to each other. I guess that is how you take a snake for a walk.

Beginner readers will love this book about Jake the snake who accidently swallows two light bulbs instead of eggs in the chicken house. Written by Mavis Smith

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3 Responses to SOLS:2012.30 Not A Dog Walk

  1. T. Blauvelt says:

    Interesting observation. I love to people watch. They do the most bizarre things at times. 😀

  2. Tam says:

    What an observation. To let you know, I know have a separate notebook titled “Observations and Conversations” thanks to you. I also found a place to buy pen lanyards. Why don’t they have pens on the middle school lanyards???? I wonder if they can be used in the shower, but then the paper would get wet! Have a great Spring Break!!!

  3. MaryHelen says:

    I shuddered just reading that. I do not like snakes. I like the idea of writing observations in a notebook. It’s where the ideas begin.

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