SOLS:2012.29 Recent Notebook Collections

I’m thinking about my post yesterday about Johanna Hurwitz’s writing tip of keeping a notebook of ordinary conversations and observations that you feel are interesting. You never know when you can weave it into a story just as Johanna did.

I was walking back from the Book Fair. Our PTO ladies are very wise. The spring Book Fair is held the same time as Grandparents’ Week. The sales climb up as the week goes on. More sales mean more books for our Literacy Room. I’m the chosen one to select books that will be placed in the Literacy Room.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. : ) The room is like a second library in our school. Students come to shop for books for their independent reading practice time. The room is also home for book club sets, guided reading sets, pd books and mentor texts for teachers to use.

Yes, I was walking back to the room with a smile on my face because I had just selected another large stack of books to add to our collection. A small girl who was happily skipping in the opposite direction slowed down when she saw me. She smiled the biggest smile and shook a small box she was holding. “Tooth fairy money!” she announced to me. “Book fair?” I responded. Without a word and a head shaking yes, she was off full of delight…at the prospect of buying a book.

Interesting enough to add to my notebook. Who knows what story it can be weaved into?

This is great choice for young readers making the transition to early chapter books. I wasn't familiar with this series written by Stephanie Green until today. The girl with tooth fairy money that I added to my notebook reminded me of Princess Posey.

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One Response to SOLS:2012.29 Recent Notebook Collections

  1. Tam says:

    I did not know you had a second library there. How wonderful is that! I want to come to your Book Fair next year. I went to my grandson’s in Indy this past month. It was fabulous, too–much better than middle school. It was fun. I was the grandparent suckered in to buy more than I planned. How does that happen?

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