SOLS:2012.27 Oh, Those Eyes

Boy Blue, the nickname for my grandson, came about from his blue eyes that change hue…depending on the color he is wearing. His eyes are framed by long lashes that most girls would kill for. These days his eyes are sometimes half hidden from long hair that falls below his eyebrows.  Half hidden eyes from flowing hair are understandable since he is just six months shy of being an official teenager. He has the Zach and Cody look. Oh, those eyes. We were walking through one of the Disney Parks together and stopped to look at the Disney character collector pins. He was three and cute like all three year olds but those eyes caught the attention of the sales person. She gave him a collector pin. Most of the time he would receive only comments. You have to wonder what kind of messages he is receiving from all of this eye admiration. My husband and I do tease him about it. He is beginning to roll those eyes when we tease a little too much.  Another time we walked past a lady giving out samples of Ghirardelli chocolates and we each took a sample. Then she saw those eyes. She offered him several more samples.  Well it happened again on our weekend in Chicago. On a previous post I mentioned that the hotel charged an extra fee of $12.95 for internet service. My husband also had his computer and needed to do some work so he called the desk and asked if we would have to pay double. The answer… yes. But the hostess said she would take off one charge. Boy Blue had also brought an internet device. We didn’t find out until later but he took it on himself to go to the desk and ask about internet hook-up charges for his device. He came back with a password from the front desk. “How did you get that?” I asked. He responded, “I just asked.” Hmm…those eyes, I’m thinking. The following day my husband and CT (another name for Boy Blue) are walking to the car where I’m waiting. They had just paid our hotel bill. They both had smiles. My husband announces, “Guess what? No charge for internet service.” I’m bewildered. “None? How did that happen?” My husband gives a nod to CT…oh, those eyes.

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn...I would sing this rhyme to CT to wake him up in the morning. Love Mary Engelbreit's illustrations.

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3 Responses to SOLS:2012.27 Oh, Those Eyes

  1. elsie says:

    Oh those eyes and maybe the smile too? He is living a charmed life with those beautiful eyes. I hope this power is always used for good.

  2. Love it! I remember when that little boy and those eyes were born.

  3. Tam says:

    I knew there had to be a story there about why “Boy Blue.” I love it. Now I will have to meet him some day. I wonder what the girls think now and will later. He’s worth his weight in gold!! There is probably more to him than eyes to make him special since you talk about him so much. Oh, yeah, the rocks–I have a pile of them by a bird bath. I go out and look at them when I’m in the mood to relax. The grandkids have discovered them and play with them. They now collect rocks. I know there is a story there. The writing group and I have played around with the idea. I had an idea and it fizzled.

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