SOLS:2012. 26 Love and Not So Much

Thought I would make a list tonight…inspired by all of you that have created a similar list on your blogs…thanks! This was more difficult than I thought especially the not to love list…I became too serious. I will have to work on this some more!

Things I Love  (besides husband and family) not in any particular order :

1. Plate full of pasta smothered with browned butter and mitzera cheese served with garlic bread

2. The scent of the sea salt ocean mingled with fresh pine as you approach the coastline

3. Unlocking a piece of family history

4. Libraries and satisfying books

5. Playing in the dirt as in gardening

6. Bike riding and feeling the wind rushing by

7. Exploring nooks and crannies of our country usually via road trips

8. Salty snacks

9. A movie with a great story

10. Surprising others without their knowledge

11. Making a difference

Not so much love if any:

1. Sneaky slithering snakes

2. Guns and other weapons of destruction

3. Current educational “reforms”

4. Ticks and other such living organisms

5. People conflicts whether it be family, friends, colleagues

6. Injustices

7. People who are hurting and not being able to fix  it…

8. Disease…alcoholism, mental illness, cancer, and the list goes on and on…

9. Soup beans and lima beans

10. Being late

11. Presentations…ugh…one coming up soon…

12. Running? Does it belong here? Hmm…..

Jack Prelutsky... A poem that celebrates the uniqueness of ME!

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5 Responses to SOLS:2012. 26 Love and Not So Much

  1. Tam says:

    OH, that pasta dish is speaking to me. Next time you have our group, can you make it? I’m trying to lose some weight, but I’ll work it in if I know ahead of time!! I’ll be paying attention when I get to the ocean this summer. Where does “running” fit in right now?

    • Deb says:

      I will make pasta…it is delicious! Let’s just say that running still has not moved to the love list and I don’t think it will.

  2. elsie says:

    It was interesting that the harder list was the not so much list. Those items would be on my list. Surprising others is something I’ve always enjoyed. A nice peek into your world.

  3. Jessica says:

    This was a nice peek into your world. I agree with most of your list. I especially agree with presentations! I will have to pay more attention this week when I get to the ocean.

  4. mrssurridge says:

    A movie with a great story! There are so few of those made anymore! Thank goodness for “old movies” and lazy weekends! Not so much for those lima beans! (And, yes, running belongs there!)

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