SOLS:2012.24 Big City Blues

Sitting in a comfortable hotel room in Chicago and writing a slice for today. I was tempted not to slice today because of the 12.95 charge for internet service. BIG CITY BLUES!  Usually hotels that charge for internet service in the room have business centers or their lobbies provide complimentary service. Not here. Internet service charge in the business center is 35 cents a minute. Sometimes the words for a slice come very slowly and I don’t think what I have to say is going to be worth what it would cost. Maybe I should have challenged myself to write a one minute slice and hit the publish tab.

I move on to parking. There is a daily parking charge on top of the room charge. We country dwellers are just not used to these additional charges. I’m aware of additional parking charges in city hotels but the dilemma is that my daughter’s family is staying at a nearby hotel. We want to use public transportation to ride to the museums but we are far away enough that we need to ride to the train station parking lot which means another daily parking fee on top of the one we’re paying. BIG CITY BLUES!

I haven’t always been a country dweller as I grew up in Indianapolis and lived there for a few years when our children were young. It has changed but I was remember the day when I could take my brood to the Children’s Museum for free. No admission fees. I know that has changed but I hope it is not as expensive as the museums here. We have been spoiled by St. Louis. That city has it together…many of their museums are free or there is a nominal fee for special exhibits. Our decision to go to the aquarium changes as we notice a line that curls around like a snake in front of the aquarium. We are told a two hour wait. The fees run up to $35.00 for one admission. BIG CITY BLUES!  We change our mind and go to the Field Museum. Line is shorter and the expense is a little less. I wonder about all the families who are not able to provide their children these experiences because of money. BIG CITY BLUES!

Yet I have a big city smile because my husband and I are with Boy Blue (grandson) and his family creating priceless memories. : )

I really enjoy this NF series about historic places, events, and daily life. This title, You Wouldn't Want to be a Chicago Gangster, is written by Rupert Matthews.

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5 Responses to SOLS:2012.24 Big City Blues

  1. newtreemom says:

    Yeah, big city smile! Glad the smile wins out over the blues for you!

  2. Deanna H says:

    Holy cow, all those fees! I was feeling the Big City Blues along with you. Great post. Glad you are creating memories with family.

  3. elsie says:

    I love your Big City Blues repetition and wow those fees do make you feel the blues. Creating memories, that’s the best! Enjoy your time in Chicago, it’s such the happening place.

  4. blogpraylove says:

    I need to get back to Chicago soon! Love it there. Your share brought back some of my times there. Glad you’re making great memories in Chi-town 🙂

  5. Tam says:

    You’re a good sport, Deb. You will have these moments to remember with Boy Blue.

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