SOLS:2012.21 Heart of a Champion

There is so much that beckons me to Kuhs Farm in St. Louis: the essence of history, the beauty of nature, the architecture of an earlier century, the wedding tree for my daughter, and a safe haven. The grounds is a place for second chance living for rescued animals.

After the vow exchange spot was chosen under the wedding tree my daughter, Jen, thought about seating. She decided on borrowing quilts from family and friends. Instead of using all traditional chair seating with ribbon and flowers, colorful quilts covered hay bales. She did use a few chairs for those uncomfortable with sitting on a hay bale.

After the ceremony the hay bales were moved to the barn…to feed the rescued horses that live at Kuhs Farm. My husband is a horse lover but you don’t have to be a horse lover to be moved by this story of a horse, Her Own Storm. Grab a tissue. 

Heart of a Champion

My two favorite horse stories are two classics: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. Two fictional horses that have a heart of a champion.

A newer picture book that I enjoyed about a horse is one by Emily Arnold McCull. This is a true story of Bill Key, a former slave, and his horse, Jim. Through kindness and patience Bill taught Jim to recognize primary colors, spell, and even make change. 

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3 Responses to SOLS:2012.21 Heart of a Champion

  1. Beth says:

    How lovely! I know the just right reader for that book.

  2. Tam says:

    Loved how you went from your daughter’s thoughtful wedding, to the love of horses, and then to the wonderful books on horses. I’ve gotten those written down for my granddaughter.

  3. MaryHelen says:

    You stiched this piece together, linking your daughters wedding to the story in the farm. I love the quilt ideas. Beautiful. I am excited to read the book.

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