SOLS:2012.9 Documenting Life

The word documentation in the teaching profession causes anxiety, I believe,  for many teachers. It’s not that teachers don’t think it is a valuable tool…it’s the time element and the how. What form? What should I document? How do I say more in less? What do I do with the information? How do I find the time to support that child after I have analyzed all the documentation data? Sigh…

Today I’m taking a personal day to document life. Translation: I’m scrapbooking at a weekend crop. I’ve just recently began scrap booking again after a long hiatus. Other life things pushed into the way. I am hooked again. It is life therapy…I reflect on the lives of my family and friends as I arrange pictures on a page and document life. Often I wish that I had asked better questions of the generations before me when they were here…there are so many missing pieces to my memories and understanding. Hopefully my children will appreciate this gift of love…time taken to document life but not clean house and other tasks.

So off I go! Supplies are not packed yet and the daylight hours are burning. I didn’t have the time to organize like I planned but still have to get moving to write and create pages…document life.

This is a book that Ruth recommended to me to think differently about scrapbooking.  Actually it is her book…I better return it! Although my pictures are not totally organized as of yet I have made a great start. I can stand to walk into the room where I keep my supplies and not be overwhelmed. This book is not cheap on Amazon (must be out of print) …hopefully there are other sites where you can purchase this book.

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4 Responses to SOLS:2012.9 Documenting Life

  1. Tam says:

    Curiousity first: What is a weekend crop? It’s funny. I’ve never formally scrapbooked like today’s standards, but I did a scrapbook here and there in my younger days and still have one intact–senior year/first year of college. I plan on doing 2 small ones for my grandkids this summer. I never thought about the thoughts that would go through my mind as I assembled it. Thanks for further inspiration! Have fun.

  2. Deb says:

    Oh Tammy…this is a serious weekend crop… : ) It began on Thursday at 3 pm and goes until Sunday afternoon at 5 pm. I’m only going for two of the days. Your fee includes meals and you sit in a room with women (haven’t seen any men ever) and have girl time while you put albums together. It’s great fun. You can find evening crops or whole day crops but the weekends are serious time…not that you get any more completed…depends on the ratio of girl time to actually working. North Webster had two days this past year as a school fundraiser.

  3. elsie says:

    I know that as you handle pictures and sort the memories, slices will begin to form in your mind. Have a great time!

  4. Debbi says:

    “Today I’m taking a personal day to document life.” “It is life therapy.” Love those lines! I gave up scrap booking for a different reason, but I think I am getting closer to being ready to try it again. Documenting life and life therapy…two things I need to focus on to get back in the act.

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