Ocean Lullaby

Rocked to sleep by gentle Caribbean ocean waves. Rays of sun and star light dancing on a palette of blues and greens…azure, turquoise, cerulean, ultramarine, jade, teal, and emerald.  Sounds of waves lapping against each other. I don’t know what took my husband and I so long to book a cruise. We both enjoy being on the water. The hesitancy had something to do with the booking details and the unknown. We took the plunge and have fallen in love with cruising the blue. Sleep has not been so sweet.

There are a slew of ocean books available but two of these capture some of the soul of the deep blue. I’ve included an origami book that includes directions for folding seaweed, coral and ocean life to create an ecosystem in your classroom or at home.

Stephanie St. Pierre

Beverly Doyle has created beautiful illustrations of the sea and sky. Stephanie St. Pierre has created a rhymthic text between what the ocean sees and what the sky sees. “What the sea saw was sky above. What the sky saw was the sea below. The sea saw a gull shoot from the sky leaving the wind empty. The sky saw soft, white-feathered wings dip into the foaming sea.”
A gentle book written by Gail Karwoski that gives the reader information about how different ocean animals sleep.

Steve and Megumi Biddle

Create a folding origami oceanscape with these directions from Steve and Megumi Biddle.  
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2 Responses to Ocean Lullaby

  1. Tam says:

    When and Where are you going? Just think of all the noticings you’ll come back with!!! Got these books on my kid list. The origami one sounds really fun. Thanks.

  2. the other ruth says:

    I love how you weave together what’s happening in your life with books for kids. It’s a great way to help teachers think about how we can do the same for our kids. If we pay attention to their current interests and their experiences, we can connect them to books that relate. Very cool!

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