Story Eavesdropping

SOLC 2011 30.31

Offer made. Offer accepted. One inspection down. Still some hurdles to jump but I believe animal lover daughter has a house. After imagining life in a house with a lamp-post, nearby bookstore and bakery, disappointment came knocking via government red tape. The house hunt was on again. Last Wednesday Sarah had several  a house appointments. I anxiously called her as soon school was out. “I put a bid on one of them.”  This mom was surprised. “Without your mom and dad?” I tease. Immediately I put the address in my GPS and headed over while there was still light. Stepped out of the car and started to imagine. Fenced in yard for the dogs. Vegetable container garden. Bird and squirrel feeders. Not that any squirrels will frequent the area with Wrigs and Diva. Birds will be taking a chance. Steps leading down to the Elkhart River. A house built in the 40s with a sign, Estate Sale this weekend. Note to self: Go to estate sale.

Arriving in the morning I walk into the house carrying the knowledge that this probably will be my daughter’s house. I’m already protective of the house as people go in and our of rooms rummaging through things. I also look through things collecting bits of history of the lives that lived within these walls. Feeling a little like a spy, I eavesdrop on conversations. The couple had lived here most of their lives. They were rock lovers and had a gem shop. An archery queen? Many travel souvenirs. Ahh…the stories I’m imagining.

I was thinking about house hunting and I then thought about book hunting. How similar they are. Readers searching for the just right book. They browse through different genres. They look through the “windows” by reading the book jacket or the back cover. They decide if this is the book for them. A fun book that captures the journey of finding a book in the library is We’re Going on a Book Hunt by Pat Miller. The verse could easily be rewritten to include classroom procedures for using the classroom library.

Pat Miller

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5 Responses to Story Eavesdropping

  1. Linda Baie says:

    How do you do it? I have enjoyed each of your ‘book’ posts, & how easily you weave through the personal stories into the book connections. This was lovely to hear about the house hunt, a special story unto itself, but then the connection-great. BTW-I have a daughter named Sarah, too!

  2. Sprice says:

    Oh, I love this! You are so involved in this. What a precious moment that you share with your daughter. I never was involved with my kids when they looked for houses, but I am involved with my “kids” here at school looking for books. I really love the connection. I, too, wonder how you do it! I am going to miss this slicing. Reading others posts and writing each day has been a real blessing. Isn’t it something, how we do things when we have to- well when we are motivated! I guess I am really talking about myself. I am really going to try to write on the Tuesday slice of life. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Tam says:

    Your mind works so naturally, bringing everything around to a possible story. And then to make the full circle, you have another published book in mind to recommend. Some day, you will refer to your own published books.

  4. Ruth Ferris says:

    When you write that book I want a copy. I too, have loved your posts. It has indeed been a blessing. I treasure the friendships we are building. We have so many varied interests. It is wonderful to have an invitation to connect in this way. Thank you.

  5. Cathy says:

    You amaze me how you weave your words and ideas together and then somehow, create an amazing lesson from it using literature! So glad I get to work with and near you!

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