Destination Reads

SOLC 2011. 29 of 31

The count down to Spring Break began long ago. The count in our district now stands at three. Spring Break is the real beginning of Spring. Cold and damp has permeated my body all winter so I’m looking forward to being warm. I’m also looking forward to the destination read that is waiting out there for me. The read is usually found in a local bookstore that includes an area section. Last year I was surprised by a memoir written by Totch Brown, a native of the Everglades. Our airboat ride was piloted by a man who knew Totch as a boy. What a fascinating life and ride! My picks are not always a happy read. One year we visited the Grand Canyon. Contrary to the experience of others, the canyon was eerie to me. This probably was in part to a book I couldn’t put down, Grand Ambition. It tells the story of newlyweds Glen and Bessie Hyde who took a honeymoon trip down the Colorado River. They were never found. Haunting but fascinating.

Being in the setting makes a read more alive. Enjoy your Spring Break if it is coming up!    

Lisa Michaels

Loren G. Brown

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2 Responses to Destination Reads

  1. Tam says:

    What a clever idea to find a book store that has local reads. Make sure you get warm, Deb, and read when you want. Take a break from writing, but your writing talent is now known. You must continue to write, and use all that you know. Vacation on!!!!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    When I’ve taken students on a long trip, we often will find books about the area as you’ve described. It’s a great idea, & thank you for telling about two of them. What serendipity that you found someone who had known that Totch. I’m on break now, not too warm, but okay. Enjoy your time next week!

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