Bilingual Book-Reading Coffee Drinkers

SOLC 2011 25.31

Envy. People walking with steaming tall mugs of coffee. Coffee cafes with a wall lined with coffee choices – dessert sounding like names. Friends talking over a cup of a coffee. “Would you like coffee with your dessert?” or “Could I warm that up for you?”asks the smiling waitress. I love the smell the coffee but the taste doesn’t do anything for me. Is it an acquired taste? My last attempt at trying coffee was at a conference when my fellow tea drinker Ruth says, “I’ve started drinking coffee.”  My heart sinks. Another coffee drinker. I might as well give it another try. The waitress brings me a cup. Sugar and cream is used to “doctor” it up. Slowly I bring the cup to my lips taking in the rich aroma. Hopefully I swallow a sip…dirt. It tastes like dirt without the grit. Bitter. Oh well, I tell myself. It’s not good for you…so I’ve read. It’s addictive. It sure smells good though. It just not meant to be for me to join the ranks of coffee drinkers. Accepted.

Surprise. While I’m surfing for reading studies, a Stephen Krashen article catches my eye. Reading books might keep Alzheimers at bay. What I didn’t expect was the rest of the research findings. I can understand knowing another language but coffee? I have the book part down. Just need to learn another language and drink coffee.

A mostly true story of a cat that inspires the musician, Verdi, with a perfect note. Verdi meets the stray when he stops for coffee.

Family Pictures

Family Pictures is a perfect book to ward off Alzheimers. 🙂 It is a bilingual text and all you have to do is read it with a cup of coffee.
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6 Responses to Bilingual Book-Reading Coffee Drinkers

  1. the other ruth says:

    I love this post! I am a book-reading coffee drinker. For me, it doesn’t get much better than a hot cup of coffee and a book…just have to learn another language I guess.
    The way you’ve written this–from the hopeful, wistful attempts to become a coffee drinker to the links to research and books–is so well done. It was delightful, and I find I’m wishing I’d had a cup of coffee to enjoy while reading! 🙂

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I continue to love your links; they are so creative! As for coffee–sorry, I love it too, but I do have a friend, who, like you, has tried & tried, & hates it. At least at Starbucks & other places, tea is offered. It’s okay, there are many things that keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

  3. Tam says:

    I started at nine years old, but your taste buds change as you age, too. Don’t hurry it. I tasted a chai tea today at Panera’s–spicy and yummy. Yes, you are very informative.
    Hey, did you make those pretzels you brought? Delicious!!!! Thanks for bringing them. Good times we had.

  4. quilt addict says:

    Hey there….life’s to short….drink the tea!! Mimi

  5. Ruth Ferris says:

    I guess I need to learn to drink coffee! I too love the aroma, it is so deceptive. I like one of the MacDonalds drinks that is iced with lots of over flavors to mask the coffee flavor.

    I really love how you weave the books into your posts. I want to adopt this technique. Yu have shared some great books this way.

  6. Colette says:

    My kids know what I LOVE to do on a Saturday morning…if you ask them they will say, “Saturday is Mrs. Berg’s favorite day to sit with a cup of “good” coffe and read a book!” I always hope this will inspire them to read…but not drink coffee at the age of seven!!

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