Another Must Have

SOLC 2011 21.31

Our three acres is partially enclosed by decorative fencing. The fencing doesn’t keep anything inside. The fence just graces the perimeter. Ellie explores within this perimeter. Her outside bad habits include barking at the “herd” of groundhogs that live underneath the deck and running races along the fence line with the lab next door. No worries about her leaving the fence perimeter. Now…Wrigs and Diva are an entirely different story. No turning your back for even few seconds. They may be within twenty feet of you and in a blink of an eye they are down the road finding trouble. Most of the time they are good about returning when called…most of the time. Sarah stays out with them and carefully watches for a potential escape. She then calls the two in as she stands in the threshold while holding the door open. Wrigs races through first. No standing in the doorway. You really don’t want to be in his way as you might get barreled over. Now Diva comes in at a different pace. Usually shes saunters her way up while Sarah is shouting, “Come on Diva. I’m late.” As Diva comes over the threshold Diva gets a little “smack” on the rump from Sarah. As I was in the hallway watching I thought  of a book that I should read to Diva, The Story of Ping. Sarah didn’t remember this story from her childhood. It’s never too late to deliver reading passion. This book that is authored  by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Weise belongs on your classic must have list. It still remains of my favorites. Did you know that Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Greenjeans read The Story of Ping once a week for seventeen years?

Marjorie Flack - 1933


Ping was always careful, very, very careful not to be the last, because the last duck to cross the bridge always got a spank on the back.

What book titles are on your must have list?

Happy Reading 🙂

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3 Responses to Another Must Have

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I love this book. I still have my copy with my primary signature on the inside cover. Jan Brett wrote a book that parallels this one called Daisy Comes Home. Cute how you connected an every day event to a book. Great minds think a like. 🙂 Must have books – My Rotten Red-headed Older Brother is one of my top books. I also love Priscilla and the Hollyhocks. I cannot believe how much she survived.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Yes, it’s a great book, & really so wise. I like the details of the different ways your dogs behave. They are all their own selves, aren’t they? They must think the whole three acres is a treasure!

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