Waiting Stories

SOLC 2011 15.31

Nestled on a quiet hill                              

Stands rows of aged gray

Guarding unheard stories

Day after day after day.

Old Union Church

I only only heard bits and pieces of stories from my family so  I find myself hungry for stories of my relatives. During the summer I usually make my way to southern Indiana to the birthplace of my mother. Outside of town is a church that is over a century old. It stands on a hill surrounded by the graves of people that lived nearby. The doors of the guarding church are always unlocked. The back pew is adorned with family histories, pictures, and stories from others who come to visit. I sit within the four walls that seem to whisper words and read and read what has been left there. Then with a notebook in hand, I slowly walk row after row and record dates and names. Collecting clues to waiting untold stories.

Linda Oatman High

Today’s book:

The Cemetery Keepers of Gettysburg

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3 Responses to Waiting Stories

  1. Tam says:

    It’s good you still have a place to go to find some answers. I did not ask enough questions growing up. Now there is no one to ask anymore. I’m finding that some are now asking me. Blogging will get some of these stories written down now. I guess you’re “it,” too, to record those stories. Like your introductory poem.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    What a nice picture, you collecting, & I imagine ‘guarding’ your own stories. It’s special to pass down the stories, & some get lost along the way, but still good to find some. Good luck!

  3. Ruth says:

    This is beautiful.
    (And I’m not “just being nice.”)

    Truly beautiful. Warm and whimsical and the start of a picture book.

    Believe in yourself, you’ve got what it takes to be a writer.

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