Saturday’s Bits and Pieces from MRA

SOLC 2011 12.31

Blessed and inspired are the words for today. Blessed that I am able to attend MRA (Michigan Reading Association) Reading Conference. I’m almost didn’t get to come. Like most school districts, professional development funds have been cut.  Inspired by many presenters today sharing their stories, experiences, work, and knowledge. Inspired by conversations with my colleagues.

Steven Layne can bring you from laughter to tears in moments as he shares his teaching and personal life.  

We’re here to do the best we can to offer hope to our students for a better future.

There are two kinds of people…basement people and balcony people Balcony people are those who believe in us and cheer us on. Who is in your balcony? Think of people who have supported you along the way and have been instrumental in moving you towards your destiny. Who’s balcony do you want to be in? Who are you going to cheer on?

Lynn Mangold shared that 80% of learners will form a network of strategies no matter what program they use. (Johnson)

Listen! The better you know the one you are teaching, the better you  can teach them.

Alan Sitomer suggestion for education funds.  Do not give the test for one year. Use the money saved to promote literacy.

Frank Serafini: Assessment has come to mean standardized tests. The meaning of assessment is understanding children. 

One of today’s book buys:

Devin Scillian

Pappy’s Handkerchief is part of Tales of Young American Series published by Sleepy Bear Press. Add any of these to your collection. Stories of heart warming characters and families are weaved with historical moments. Each tale makes for a great read aloud that offers many opportunities for thinking. the author’s notes for each tale is a must read.

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2 Responses to Saturday’s Bits and Pieces from MRA

  1. the other ruth says:

    Deb–I love the nature of this post! I did not get to go to this conference (have never been able to attend it) and feel like I’m getting some of the highlights through you. I’ve also enjoyed seeing which books you’re buying. It helps my never-ending list keep growing.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the conference!

  2. Colette says:

    Like the other Ruth, I to have enjoyed reading your posts. I would have loved to have gone but Zoe is home with me. Your posts make me feel a little bit like I’m there!! You know me…any good books…buy them for me!!!!

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