Oscars and Community – Part Two

Besides collecting words and gathering titles on Oscar night I spent commercial time during the show reflecting on specific Oscar moments.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Kirk Douglas. A standing ovation greeted him as he walked onto the stage. Were there stage directions for the audience?  As the camera panned the audience it seemed like a sincere show of respect and admiration. Community is what hit me hard as I watched this very diverse audience. A community of people honoring the work of filmmaking. My thoughts led to other careers and our own. Yes, we can improve our educational system. However, it seems instead of celebrating the gains the educational community has made, we are being blasted and blamed. Celebration is powerful. It doesn’t have to be grand Oscar style.

Creating images also was part of my reflective moments. Imagine a Newberry and Caldecott red carpet award ceremony. We need more categories! Best historical fiction. Best developed character. Best plot twist. Best informational book. We need lots of categories. Can you imagine authors walking onto stage to receive their “Oscar”? I picture the book cover on the screen behind the podium and the awards being presented by other authors. The audience is filled with readers. Makes me smile.

Listed below are the winners of the 2011 Newbery and Caldecott just in case you haven’t heard the news. I’ve only read the Caldecott winner and the Newbery selection is in my Amazon cart.

2011 Caldecott Winner

I celebrate the work that all of you doing on a daily basis.
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3 Responses to Oscars and Community – Part Two

  1. Tam says:

    I agree with you. There are so many great books out there–there does need to be more categories. I already have Moon Over Manifest on my Amazon wish list. It sounds great!

  2. elsie says:

    In a perfect world we would be celebrating authors and educators more than entertainers and sports figures. Ahhh. . . if that world only existed. . . maybe is does a little when you go to a national IRA convention. Authors are listed in a booklet called Guide to the Stars.

  3. the other ruth says:

    Now that’s an awards show I’d not only watch, but would throw a party for!

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