Brrr…It’s Cold Outside

Winter is not my season. Now, I can find joy in the dead of winter but I have to think long and hard.

My list of winter joys:

1. December 21st- the day that marks winter solstice; which means each passing day is longer and a day closer to blooming tulips.  

2. Of course, there is joy in the holiday season and spending time with family and friends.

3. The hope of a two-hour delay always brings me joy. I really haven’t figured this out. All I know is that I am joyful after listening to a forecast of possible snowfall. A delay doesn’t change my arrival time at school. Maybe it’s the extra time to work and plan within those quiet school walls.

4.  I do love the outdoors painted in frosty white. I do find joy in the “painted pictures” as snow blankets the outside world.

Now for the dark side: I hate the cold. Winter coats are bulky. Can’t find my gloves. Gloves don’t always match. Scarves get caught in car doors. My toes are cold. My shoes get wet. Boots…don’t like them. Waiting for icy car windows to defrost. Going to be late for work. Where is the ice scraper? Slippery roads.  Chapped lips and hands. Barren landscape. AND those gray skies day after day after day after day after day.  Where is that sun?

Knowing how I feel about winter, I know you will appreciate this recommendation of Winter is the Warmest Season by Lauren Stringer. It is the first book she has both authored and illustrated. The title provides a great turn and talk opportunity. How can winter be the warmest season? Great for generating a list in the writing notebook.  My favorite illustrated pages are the hibernating animals and dancing snowmen. You know, I think I can easily add more joyful things about winter after reading this book.

The book begins, “Winter is the warmest season. Most people think it’s summer, with its long steamy days. But not me. My world is warmest in winter.”

 May your winter be a warm season for you.

I don’t know if bloggers ever dedicate posts or not (I’m new at this) but this post is dedicated to Melissa, my friend and colleague who loves the winter season! Crazy girl!

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4 Responses to Brrr…It’s Cold Outside

  1. Tammy Hess says:

    Oh, I do need to read this book! I do not like winter, the cold, the cloudiness. I am going to have my grandson here with us part of the first week in February. I am planning things to do with him. I am writing down books to look up in our library to read together. He will be without his brother and mom and dad for 3 days so I have to make sure he doesn’t feel left out of going to the Cleveland Clinic for his brother James. Wish me luck!!

  2. the other ruth says:

    I have to admit that I do love winter–not the cold…I do not like to be cold–but I love, love, love to watch it snow. I’ve been reading lots of books about winter and snow with my kids at school since we returned from break, and the hands-down favorite is Snowflake Bentley. Fascinating story, and one I’ve loved for several years. This year, I ordered Wilson Bentley’s book of some of his best snowflake photographs. Beautiful!

    • Deb says:

      Oh Ruth, I will have to take a look at Bentley’s book of photographs. I’m going to the Amazon site now! Even though I’m not a winter fan, I too love to watch snowflakes falling from the sky. Cynthia Rylant, I believe, has a book on different kinds of falling snow. Are you familiar with that one?

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