After Christmas Shopping

An activity that I enjoy after Christmas Day is shopping for bargains. On the top of my list of shopping stops is all of the book stores. It is a good time to add to my Christmas book collection. Just like wrapping paper, decorations, ornaments, and other holiday goodies, book stores will often offer Christmas and holiday books at half price. The space needed for my Christmas collection keeps growing because of these annual trips. So far, my after Christmas shopping has kept me close to home and I haven’t made it to the big book stores. That trip is on the agenda for this weekend.

My close to home shopping spree was to Shipshewana, Indiana. No large crowds of people on this day. Quiet and peaceful with the luxury of taking time to browse through the quaint stores. Before leaving, I had caught the news that the East coast was bracing for a monster snow storm  which is why Reuben and the Blizzard by Merle Good probably caught my eye. I had seen this series before but had never made the purchase. Other titles in the series are Reuben and the Quilt, Reuben and the Fire, and Reuben and the Balloon. The artist, P. Buckley Moss,  has created the stunning artwork that cinched the purchase for me. Children will not only feel Reuben’s anticipation of the storm but also his dilemma of naming five new puppies.

“They all look like their mother,” Dawdi said. And it was true. The tiny pups snuggled up against Spotshine, cozy and half asleep, paying as little attention to Reuben as his five sisters did. 





As you go out this week include book stores to your shopping stops and add to your holiday book collection.





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