You’ve Got a Box

Our Writing Coach at the school district I work at has been pushing me to write…well, she would probably prefer I use the word nudging. You decide. Each time we meet (which is quite often)  I anticipate the question, her question,  “Have you started writing yet?” I respond, “Almost there.”  Does Writing Coach think “almost there” an appropriate response from me? “Almost there” means I’m thinking about it more. “Almost there” means I stare at blank white pages of a notebook for several minutes and none of the ideas/thoughts swirling in my head get to written words.  “Almost there” means that I’m asking myself the question, “Do I really want myself OUT THERE?” Well, Ruth, today I plunged (after agonizing all weekend on what to title this blog site). I’m thinking a blog might be a safe place to begin writing. We’ll see.

First, I needed to have a name for the blog site. Titles and ideas churned in my mind all weekend. My first idea was The Amazon Box. Reading is my passion. Books are my vice. I buy a lot of books. So there is a lot of joy when I hear these words delivered by my husband, “You’ve got an Amazon box. ” Joy begins to bubble within me at the prospect of  the stories contained in those boxes.  Stories that will connect people to themselves, others, and the world. Stories to develop a passion for living. Stories to change and impact the world. Stories that say we are not alone. Stories to make each of us more understanding of others. Stories that teach us about the past, how to live today, and hope for the future.  Stories to share that inspire reading passion to students, teaching colleagues, my family…actually, just anyone I come in contact with. Back to the blog name, The Amazon Box.  “No, says my husband. “you might get into legal issues with using the name Amazon.”  I’m not good with legal stuff.  Besides, stories to be read and understood are all around us in all kinds of medium. Stories don’t just come in boxes. Stories are created moment by moment in living everyday life. But still, I didn’t want to give up on the box delivery idea. Didn’t want to let it go. Delivery. Reading. Passion. Got it.

I don’t know where this blog site will lead but I hope it will become a place for people to develop and share their reading passion. I also hope it will be a place for teachers to share ideas about delivering reading passion. I believe the reason most of us are in the teaching profession is to impact and change the world word by word, page by page, and story by story.

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5 Responses to You’ve Got a Box

  1. Ruth says:

    I. Am. So. EXCITED! Wow, what a great first post. It makes me want to go write and read and write and read and talk and . . . well, you get the idea. I feel like you’ve given me this gift — more insight into your story & your thinking. You rock!

    Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere. We’ve been missing your voice, your story. So happy to see you here.

  2. Julie Gunden says:

    I’m excited! You are in my favorites list. Looking forward to your thoughts and stories.

    • Deb says:

      I am honored that you have me on your favorites list. What faith you have. 🙂 Would love to hear about your reading experiences and books that made a difference for you.

  3. another Ruth says:

    Ah yes….the “nugdge” from your writing coach….I know it well. 🙂 Actually, she nudged me (pushed me off the cliff?) into the blogosphere as well. Lucky us–for real, because she is a kind, gentle and patient teacher. And what I’ve discovered is that she was right–this is something that I have come to enjoy and to grow from doing. My guess is that Ruth is not a bit surprised.

    So welcome aboard! I look forward to reading your posts. Not only because what I’ve read so far has me interested, but because I can tell you are a passionate reader, a voracious reader, a reader who reads as a part of being and a way of life. Just like Ruth needs to write, you need to read. And guess what? Me too. 🙂

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